About Khulu Soap

The Company

Khulu Soap is the original and authentic manufacturer of soaps infused with traditional African herbs and was the first to launch this type of product in South Africa after two years of experimentation with different combinations of herbs.

Established in 2004, Khulu Soap through collaboration between the founder and experts in African tradition with regards to beliefs and uses of traditional herbs, established, developed and manufactured our range of original products. Starting small with an ambition to keep the product authentic in its origins, Khulu Soap has grown over the years through word of mouth in and around Southern Africa. As the company has grown, more and more international companies expressed interest in our product range which led to Khulu Soap establishing and supplying our products world wide.

Khulu Soap ensures all herbs used in our products are bought from authentic traditional healers and suppliers and the manufacturer subscribes to the environmentally friendly collection of herbs ensuring indigenous trees and plants are not destroyed.

Manufacturing Process

All of our soaps are handmade and individually prepared - from being cut to size to being labeled and packaged - in our workshop where dedicated staff lovingly take time to ensure each item is made with care and traditional authenticity ensuring only the best quality handmade soap leaves our warehouse.

The palm oil used in the manufacture of our soap is from a sustainable source - visit www.musimmas.com/sustainability for details.

The ingredients used to make Khulu Soaps products are carefully and thoroughly checked to ensure only the highest quality authentic herbs are used.