Physical Strength & Attraction

Isimonyo Sebhungu translated: "Handsome Man"

Main Herb: Umkhanyakude

Umkhanyakude - found from the South Eastern regions of Zulu Land to the untamed African Savannas, stretching right up to the wide open grassland of the great Serengeti. Umkhnyakude ("light from afar") is believed to inspire wisdom and help you gain respect from others.


Palm Oil, African Shea Butter, water-based colourants, oil based fragrances and a blend of African herbs.

Isimonyo Sebhungu soap bars are handmade from completely natural ingredients and each bar is individually hand cut.

Our soap is made using high quality, nourishing ingredients that benefit your skin making them safe and effective. Khulu Soaps don’t add any unnecessary ingredients to our recipes which means our soaps will cleanse and nourish your skin safely and naturally.