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Pure Tissue Oil

“Africa’s Authentic Tissue Oil with Healing Herbs”

Infused Herbs: Umkhanyakude, iCacane, Uvela Bhaleke

Umkhanyakude – found from the South Eastern regions of Zulu Land to the untamed African Savannas, stretching right up to the wide open grassland of the great Serengeti. Umkhnyakude (“light from afar”) is believed to inspire wisdom and help you gain respect from others.

iCacane – found throughout Africa. iCacane is traditionally believed to help sooth aches, alleviate chest problems and even used as a snake repellant.

Uvela Bhaleke – found predominantly in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo. Uvela Bhaleke is believed to bring about good fortune and magnetic attraction.

Grape Seed Oil, Soya Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary Oil, Rosehip Oil, Lavender Oil, Calendula Oil, Paraffinum Liquidum infused with Traditional African Herbs uMkhanyakude, iCacane and Uvela Bhaleke

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Khulu Tissue Oil (uJikelele) is handmade from completely natural, high quality, nourishing ingredients that benefit your skin making it safe and effective. Khulu Soaps don’t add any unnecessary ingredients to our recipes which means our products will nourish your skin safely and naturally.

2 reviews for UJIKELELE

  1. mamello

    its a very good product all my stretch marks vanished.

  2. Nomusa Sithole

    100% tissue it nourishing my skin , smooth , i mixed it with my lotion I use it all over my body , people are so attrated to me it like I’m using a charm Khulu tissue oil I recommend it

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